The Inflatable Contract

This expensive boat is owned by a prime example of an unscrupulous contractor.

You can see that the name of the boat is “Change Order”.
Now look at the name of the dinghy;  it’s “Original Contract”.

Unfortunately, many contractors use this method of winning bidding situations and then lining their pockets later.  This is one weakness of the 3 bid system — the crafty contractor who figures out the most loopholes wins the project.

Many home projects are done without a written contract, even though it is legally required for anything over $1000.  Even if there is a contract, it’s usually a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo that only a lawyer can understand.  Without any drawings or 3-D models or meaningful specifications in writing, it is difficult to say later what was included and what wasn’t.

The owner of this boat is bragging to the world that he has made a lot of money using this less than honest way of doing business.

Do you want to be involved with someone like this?  If not, attend the next “How to Hire ANY Contractor” and “How to Avoid a Renovation Horror, Part II“.  You will learn how to find tradespersons worthy of trust;  what to put in a contract;  and a whole lot more.