Helping Your Pet During a Renovation

Sam Brusco is a talented dog trainer;  this stems for his love of all breeds.  During projects, he has shown our clients how their dogs can be pleasant and obedient to visitors and family members alike.  All of this is done in a calm manner using only a commanding presence.  Most behavior modifications only take a dog a few minutes to learn;  for the humans it takes a little longer.

Buddy copy

Sam Brusco and his dog Buddy (photo courtesy of JM Photography)

Buddy used to bark without end; he would also jump up on visitors. Not anymore!


Elsie copy

Elsie, East Providence

Elsie used to incessantly bark at squirrels that she saw in the back yard.  Here’s some of the work we did for her owners.


dogs_thumb copy

Tedy, Brady & Oliver Warwick, RI

Here is the trio that belongs to our clients.  The dogs are also very happy with the work we did.  When the owners weren’t home, Tedy would bark incessantly.  Sam was the only one who could get him to be quiet.


puppy_in_crate copy

While working in a Boston high-rise, Sam’s client had to go to school for the day, leaving her 8-week-old puppy in a crate.  Unfortunately the poor little thing got sick with diarrhea.  Making matters worse, the pup was licking her paws.  Sam took it upon himself to wash the puppy, sanitize the crate, and take the little dog for a walk.


Sadie copyThe letter carrier in Warwick warned that the Post Office may stop delivering mail, because Sadie was threatening to visitors.  Now her owner has her under control when people come to the door.  Sadie also learned the proper way to play fetch (to let go when told to), while Brusco Design & Renovation built a small walk-in closet in the family’s master bedroom.