(how Brusco Design & Renovation is different from other contractors)

I provide you with excellent results that exceed industry standards (references provided at our first meeting)

  •  by putting my clients’ interests before my own
    • I have a fiduciary responsibility to you
  • by creating well-designed, well-built rooms that are beautiful for many years, with a craftsman’s pride, thus giving you better value
  • by incorporating your home’s existing architecture into the remodel or addition
  • by dedicating myself to continuing education in the construction industry
    • by keeping up to date on the latest building code changes
    • by learning building science from expert instructors, not from Hearsay
    • by not using Trial and Error as my teachers

I ensure that you have a smooth and pleasant renovation experience

  • by realizing that this is a major investment and unfamiliar territory for you
  • by listening more than others do and asking questions to understand your needs better
  • by being honest rather than just telling you what you want to hear
  • by planning your project in 3D on the computer before the first hammer is swung, which also reduces time in construction and the overall timeline
  • by personally walking you through the process before the project begins
  • by having pre-planned on-site weekly meetings, so you understand what happened last week, what’s happening this week, and what will happen next week
  • by not taking on several projects at once, as many general contractors do
  • by teaching seminars for homeowners, including How to Avoid a Renovation Horror
  • by believing firmly that it is easier and less expensive to do things right the first time

I dedicate myself first and foremost to the health and safety of you and anyone who enters your home, now and in the future

  • I reduce your risk by having all the proper insurances – liability, workers’ comp, etc.
  • I earned my license first in Massachusetts where 3 years experience and a written exam are required – there are no such requirements in Rhode Island
  • I’m a Lead Safe Renovator/Remodeler, licensed by the Rhode Island Dept of Health
    • we keep harmful dust contained within the work area
    • as of November 2010, there were only 1544 licensees, even though it was required of tens of thousands of tradespersons and contractors in the state
  • I’m a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (creating safe homes for all ages)
    • this certification was developed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in association with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
  • I’m a Certified Active Adult Housing Specialist (for the lifestyles of those over 50)

I treat your house as your home, not my work site

  • by keeping the work area clean and organized
  • by treating your family members with respect and your pets with loving care

I will impress you (and your neighbors) with our courteousness

  • by answering my phone (or returning your call, usually within 30 minutes)
  • by showing up at an appointed time (or calling if I’m going to be late)
  • by keeping your yard clean, free of cigarette butts and trash
  • by virtue of my college education and time spent in the software consulting industry

I devise creative solutions with you to meet your criteria to solve your individual situation

  • I believe that, with a little imagination, everyone can get results they are happy with
  • often, the first idea is not the best idea
  • win-win outcomes are the rule with me, not the exception

I work with the same tradespersons on a regular basis

  • I can trust them to do the right thing every time
  • many have become my personal friends; because of our relationship, they will do things for me that they will not do for other general contractors

I communicate with you by email, phone or print (your choice)

  • I’ll speak to you in an intelligent manner using non-technical terms
  • to keep things moving, I’ll use my smart phone to send you photos when your input is needed immediately

I provide clear proposals and billing

  • with options and allowances that give you the power to control costs
    before we begin the project
  • by providing you with written change orders with a fixed price
    before any additional work is done

I reduce my impact and your home’s effect on the environment wherever practical

  • I am a Certified Green Professional and member of RI Green Building Council
  • I teach a seminar for homeowners that I call Greening Your Home

create something functional and beautiful that makes your life better

I demand the same the same level of commitment from my trade professionals and employees.