3D Design

At Brusco Design & Renovation, we listen to your dream for your home.   Working together, tossing ideas back and forth, your dreams take shape.  It is a cooperative process from the beginning and continues to be a joint effort until we turn the desires for your home into a reality.

Can’t quite imagine what your proposed renovation or addition will look like in your home or from outside?

You're not alone;  most people cannot look at a set of plans* and then conceive how that room will appear.  But you are in good hands. Our designer, Sam Brusco, can show you exactly what your home will look like, on the computer, before any construction begins.


A "plan" of a kitchen


An "elevation" from the same kitchen

*A plan is an overhead view of a room or floor. An elevation is commonly the representation of a wall.

We use 3-D computer modeling to provide a virtual walk-through of your existing home and proposed changes to it, before lifting a hammer.

Click here to see a 360° video of the kitchen as it was planned (2.3 MB)


3D model of the same kitchen

Kitchen, After

(note that the design and the after pictures are almost identical)


exterior of the house, concept

This client wants to bump out her master bedroom and master bath to create a master suite that is in keeping with the rest of her beautiful home which has been featured in architectural magazines.  She wasn't quite sure how this small addition would affect the appearance of the 65-foot wall of glass on that side of her home.  We showed her exactly what it would look like.

We can also use Photoshop® to take an actual photograph of your home and create a photo-realistic picture of how a proposed addition or renovation will look.


before, actual photo


concept 1 with a perpendicular wooden panel


concept 2 with a perpendicular glass panel


This client hated that she could see the clutter of the mudroom from her family room through the glass sliders that a previous owner had installed, but she liked the natural light that came in from the south side of the house.  We showed her what the wall would look like with shorter windows that were high enough to block a direct view of the mudroom and driveway, but they were big enough to flood the family room with indirect sunlight.


before, actual photo


concept 1


concept 2


after, actual photo

After the wall was built and custom-made windows installed, we added two long rows of coat hooks to hold all the jackets that this young family of five has amassed. The windows were created by Brusco Design & Renovation from glass and wood, because we could not find prefabricated windows that matched the others in the room.


before, actual photo


after, actual photo

We can also use 3-D computer modeling to show you how your home can look.